Helpful search engine marketing Tools

Helpful search engine marketing Tools

Google Site Manager Tools (Search Console):

This tool allows you to check your site‘s presence on Google. You can do key-word tracking, enhancing sitemaps and robots..

Google Keyword Planner:

This tool facilitates you research the key phrases people use on Google. However, it shows numbers consisting of the cost in line with click on set for AdWords.

Google Trends:

tool that may be used if you want to do average studies on phrases, neighborhood situations, and related phrases. It suggests you terms which are up and down.

Google PageSpeed ​​Insights:

Page loading velocity has an crucial place as a way to have excessive rankings. You can degree the performance of your site using this device.
Google Structured Data Testing Tool: Structured information referred to as Rich Snippet appears in the search results. With this toolyou may recognize how Google and different engines like google use information from pages.
Bing Site Manager Tools: Yahoo! And you can test your website‘s presence on Bing. You can do keyword tracking, modifying sitemaps and robots.Txt documents here.
Moz: It is a paid service that offers the comprehensive equipment you want for seek engine improvement work.


It is a paid provider that offers convenience inside the evaluation of conversion values ​​and different critical facts.


It is a unfastened content material management machine that makes developing and publishing content pretty easy.
WordPress search engine optimization via Yoast: It is a free plugin used in WordPress. In order to make the pages and articles well suited with search engine marketing, it offers diverse centers to the person.

Google URL Builder:

It is a tool that permits you to create custom URL addresses with a purpose to comply with the information to be acquired while promoting your website online with other hyperlinks, paid media and e-mail advertising studies.


Your web site includes Google, Bing and Yahoo! allows you to observe the scores for unique key phrases in serps.


service that permits you to discover the services, equipment and server statistics utilized by some other web page.
SharedCount: It is a provider that allows you to analyze the social media posts and comments of a web page.


It is an opportunity keyword studies device that customers can use to investigate the keywords they use to decide their seek purposes.


It is a provider that may be used to check and observe the directed hyperlinks of a web page.
Ubersuggest: It is a device that allows you to conduct studies for the key phrases you set based totally on the facts for searches advised with the aid of Google.

Microdata Generator:

Microdata is the metadata layout that will permit humans, places, events and product functions on your pages to be transmitted to search engines like google and yahoo. With this toolyou may use this metadata greater easily.

Facebook Open Graph Debuger:

Your web page may not be searching the way you want on Facebook. This device offers you data on viewing commonplace troubles and lets in Facebook to better compare web page content.


This tool, which allows you to assess the outlet speed of the pages of your web site, also offers you pointers to make the vital improvements. With this toolyou may enhance the web page opening velocity of your website.

WP Engine & Pagely:

It is a paid server carrier that gives convenience in handling WordPress sites. By the usage of this serviceyou may have quicker loading WordPress sites.

Dictionary of SEO

You can locate beneficial phrasesphrases and different phrases used within the seek engine optimization enterprise below. Knowing those will substantially make contributions to you on this area.

301 Redirect:

This is a method. You tell the engines like google that your web page or page is redirected to a special location. Using the 301 redirect technique is an critical approach that have to be used when you move content or associated pages to different points on your website online.


It is the method of defining the website and content material on your Google account. In this manneryou may make all content material your personal with the help of Google Plus ID.

Page 404:

An error pointing out that the web page that a tourist wants to access isn’t always on the website. It is recommended to create your 404 page appropriately. So you may assist visitors who can’t locate their way.

Search Engine Crawlers:

Originally known as Crawler. It is the software program developed with the aid of search engines like google to index pages and discover other related pages.
Analytics: An abbreviation of the Google Analytics tool. It is a free device that permits you to screen the overall performance and standing of your website.

Internal Link Study:

Internal link observe is the call given to the linking manner from one web page to other pages at the website online. With this method, which will increase the consumer experience, you could ensure that the customers live at the website for an extended period of time.

Geographic Targeting:

Geographic concentrated on means taking care to give content material or facts to individuals who get right of entry to it from a particular area. It is also regularly referred to as local concentrated on.
Nofollow: This is a sort of hyperlink attribute. Thanks to this feature which you use whilst directing the links, you provide the signal no longer to include the authority and comparable values ​​of your web page in the outgoing hyperlink. Such links are regularly used in areas which includes blog comments.


It is a technical protocol used to get admission to the pages on the internet.

Open Graph Project:

It is a technical description of the metadata used by social networks together with Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.
Link: Clickable are words that take engines like google and users to other pages. Links link pages and web sites.
Organic Search: It is used to explain the traffic acquired from the search results.

Penalty or Sanction:

They are terrible indicators that are received because of movements that will purpose your site‘s rank to drop and damage its reputation. Penalties or sanctions are implemented automatically by seek engine algorithms or search engine group of workers for reasons such as keyword stuffing, hyperlink buying.
Indexing: The procedure that identifies that the hunt engine is capable of crawl your website online and continues its information inside the content material library, this isin the directory.

Personalized Search:

It isn’t always possible for the sites to appear on the seek engine end result pageprovided that handiest the key phrases are connected. Google and different search engines like google and yahoo gift their results based totally on the consumer‘s place and their interaction with different brands or people.

Meta Tags:

HTML codes that provide metadata to search engines like google and yahoo. The description includes records along with keywords, indexing, archiving and publisher information.

Safe Navigation:

Google is constantly improving its algorithm for its customers to surf safely. When Google detects websites with content that is harmful to users, it informs users approximately this problem and provides a warning to the relevant website online within the context of Safe Navigation.

Site Links:

It is expressed as popular pages visited by using others and includes links positioned under the main web site in the search engine results.


It is a short written version of search engine optimization studies.


It is the document that lists the last up to date date of the website online pages so as of priority. Sitemaps are normally not visible by humans, handiest by using robots.


It is a short version of search engine advertising activities.


It is a quick version of the quest engine result web page phrase.


It is a file that transmits signals to search engines about no longer indexing certain components of the site. These indicators are also legitimate for the hyperlinks to be added to the website map.

SEO Checklist

If you need to test whether or not the web page content material or the site has been progressed for engines like googleyou can use the tick list below. It is an ideal tick list for the start, even supposing there are no character techniques for every web page.

Page Title:

page related and targeted title?
Meta Description: Is it a ways from searching like an advertisement whilst adding that means to the title?

Meta Authorship: Have you matched your Google Plus profile together with your content?

Meta Open Graph: Did you practice Open Graph tags and descriptions correctly?
Mobile Access: Is your website easily on hand from all devices?
URL Structure: Is your web site‘s URL structure clear and clear?


Does your site have a sitemap.Xml map?
Txt: Is your robots.Txt report nicely configured?
Subtitles: Did you use key phrases in subtitles?
Content: Is your content without difficulty readable by means of visitors?
Keyword Usage: Did you use keywords and its variations correctly? Has the key-word usage been made naturally?
Images: Do the filenames of the photos consist of particular expressions? Did you fill within the sub-label textual content in the pics?
Links: Is the anchor textual content contained within the link descriptive?
Social Entity: Are you in popular social networks? Did you link in your web site from social sites? Have your profile records been filled with descriptive and clear statistics in social networks?

Structured Data:

Did you operate structural facts on certain content in your site?
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